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Never Let the Fear of Change Stop You From Doing Anything

April 4, 2017

For some of us, any changes that come our way are just a part of life that we accept and adapt to. But for others, change is a word that causes some apprehension, and we feel like our entire world is about to turn upside down. We hate change, even the slightest one. It's new, it's different, it's uncertain. We want so badly to cling to our comfort zones and stay there, but we realize, life can only move forward through the changes that we make. 


Last year, I had to cope with a lot of change. Now, change should not be, and is not, always something we have to necessarily cope with, but it has that connotation for so many of us.


In just one year, I moved out of the home I had lived in for 24 years into my very first apartment, started a new job, began an entirely new career path, and my childhood best friend moved all the way to California. I began to feel tremendously overwhelmed, and at times depressed at the constant changes in my life. I felt like nothing was stable, no bit of normalcy to guide me through each day.


It was during all of this that I realized why change is so necessary to life.




When I think back on my life just a few years ago, I never would have EVER imagined I would be where I am today.


I was in a very rocky relationship for almost five years, I had a job that made me miserable, and I knew in my heart that I was working in the wrong industry. Somehow, I decided to change all of these things. I decided to change my entire life. All I had known for such a long time. 


Of course, this was a very gradual process, it did not happen quickly. It sure as hell was painful, sad, and a plethora of all kinds of emotions hitting me at once. And trust me, those emotions hit hard. I walked away from someone who I loved very much and had felt like home to me, and I was single for the first time in almost five years. I left a job I had wanted for a really long time, and I started down a totally new and unfamiliar career path.


As difficult and emotional it was adjusting to my new life, I never would be where I am today if I hadn't pushed myself to make those necessary changes. I would've stayed trapped in my comfort zone, not making any strides towards what I deserve or what it will take to reach my full potential. I, more than likely, would've ended up very unhappy with my life.


Coming out on the other side of these changes has allowed me to grow and gain a better understanding of who I am and what I need to do to in order to be fulfilled and happy.





It's true what they say - when one door closes another one opens. Life doesn't just stop, no matter what you may be going through.


Whether you feel stuck at a dead-end job, trapped in an unhealthy relationship, lost in your anxieties, or whatever it may be - there is always going to be something out there that is better for you, your goals, and your well-being. At first, it can certainly be terrifying to let go of something you were so used to, something that has become "all you've ever known." But once you take that leap, and give yourself time to adjust, you will realize all of the new doors and opportunities that are available to you.


You'll wonder why you stayed in your old ways for so long.




Making a necessary change allows you to become smarter and more aware of what is best for you. If you're able to make those changes, you're only doing yourself a favor. 


If you make a particular change because you know deep down its what's best for you, then you only become stronger in the end. You were able to leave your comfort zone, and that alone should make you proud.


If you are able to hang in there and get through the worst of it, you will come out on the other side, stronger than ever. 





Life may require us to make a number of changes before we get it right, and that is typically something that's not easy. But if you change the way you think, you can change your entire life. If you embrace the changes and keep moving forward, you'll be grateful that you did. You never want to look back one day and regret not making certain changes. Don't wait until it's too late. You can do this.


Do not let the fear of change stop you from being anything less than amazing and happy.


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