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50 Sad Truths About Life That We've All Felt, But We Can All Overcome

August 10, 2017


1. It goes by way too fast.

2. It is scary.

3. It is intimidating.

4. It is overwhelming.

5. It can make you feel crazy.

6. It will bring on heartache and pain that may seem unbearable.

7. It can make you afraid of things that haven't even happened yet.

8. It can make you wonder if things will ever get better.

9. It will try and defeat you.

10. It will take people away from you, both in life and through death.

11. It can bring you on a sick and twisted roller coaster ride of emotions.

12. It can just flat out suck.

13. It can bring you to a dark place.

14. It can leave you feeling as if you are begging for mercy.

15. It can make you want to give up.

16. It can make you feel stuck.

17. It can make you feel like you are not in control of anything.

18. It will try and drag you down even at times when you genuinely want to be happy.

19. It can make you become selfish.

20. It can make you forget what is truly important.

21. It can make you lose sight of yourself.

22. It can make you forget about having compassion towards others.

23. It can exhaust you.

24. It can be a stubborn bitch, unwilling to give you a break.

25. It can have impeccable timing, and not in a good way.

26. It can bring on some of the worst moments you may wish never happened.

27. It can fill you with regret.

28. It will make you doubt yourself.

29. It can bring out the worst version of yourself.

30. It can bring you to many crossroads.

31. It can make you feel lost.

32. It can make you feel alone in a crowd full of people.

33. It can make you act completely irrational.

34. It will make you question your values and beliefs.

35. It will challenge you.

36. It will frustrate you.

37. It will make you want to scream.

38. It will make you ask "why?"

39. It isn't afraid to hurt your feelings.

40. It will throw you off track when you least expect it.

41. It will be completely unfair at times.

42. It won't make any sense half of the time.

43. It will make it feel near to impossible to try and stay positive in dark times.

44. It will kick you while you're down.

45. It can crush your hopes and dreams.

46. It can make you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

47. It can make letting go seem like a daunting task, and starting over seem like an impossible feat.

48. It can get the best of you.

49. It works in very mysterious ways.

50. It will never be perfect.


Through everything, you must ALWAYS REMEMBER number one on this list: Life goes by way too fast. Let that one fact alone put things in perspective when times get tough, or when these truths hit you hard. We have to get through the bad in order to appreciate the good. If you let life pass by, if you let all of these things get to you, and tear you down - then you will look back and realize you spent your life worrying about the things you cannot change, instead of the things you could have. Remember the things that keep us moving forward, that make us want to overcome all of these sad truths - Remember all of the things that make life worth the fight.



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