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10 Festively Fun Fall Ideas You Must Try

September 15, 2017

1. Have a Useful Fall-Themed Arts & Crafts Night

The possibilities are endless with fall arts & crafts ideas you could try. Make a night out of it - pour some wine, and relax. Here are some of my favorites that are not only fun, but can actually be used as decor for your home:


Hay bales: Buy some hay bales and fake fall flowers/leaves at your local craft store, along with any little fall trinkets or pumpkins. Organize those items on the hay bales to create beautiful displays that you can use as fall decor. Click here for an example. 


Fall Wreaths: Here are 50 cheap and easy ones you can try.


Mason Jar Candles: I tried this one last year and it came out beautiful. All you need are mason jars, fake leaves to glue inside, mod podge, a flicker light candle (or real tea light candle), and raffia if you want to wrap that around the top of the jar. Check out photos here


2. Foliage Weekend Getaway

If you live in New England, perfect. A quick trip up to the White Mountains is always an awesome experience. And if you go with your partner, they have plenty of nice restaurants and cozy hotels for you to choose from. If you live further away, trip Expedia bundle - you can get a flight AND hotel for the weekend bundled into one and save a ton of money. That quick weekend be so worth it once you see the foliage. 

3. Throw a Football Viewing Party

Get some friends together, make some snacks, and have a football-viewing party to root for your favorite team. It's a great way to everyone together for what can be a busy time of year. You can even make fall-themed snacks and drinks for the occasion. 


4. Pick Apples and Get Baking

Apple picking is one of the best ways to welcome fall. Some orchards even have make-your-own s'mores or farm stands that sell anything from apple cider donuts to fresh veggies. While you're there, you could maybe even pick some pumpkins if they have a pumpkin patch. After you have some fun apple picking, there is nothing better than coming home, turning on some music, and using those fresh apples in the kitchen to make a pie or a crisp, or get creative and make caramel apple crisp bites

5. Pumpkin Carving Night

Once you have those pumpkins, get carving! Buy a kit that has stencils if you want to make it easier. Put on some Halloween-themed music (like the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack) and make an entire night out of it! Once you're done carving, stick a candle in your creation and see how it came out.


6. Check Out a Local Fair or Festival

Fall is the best time to go to a fair or festival, and there are usually a ton of them that are fall or harvest-related. Most fairs have cool vendors selling items you won't find elsewhere, and of course, yummy food, hot chocolate, and carnival rides. If there's a pumpkin festival near you, be sure to check that out. I went to one last year and the carvings were unbelievable. Fairs and festivals are perfect for a fall date-night.

7. Make Your Own Caramel Apples

Use fresh apples you picked at the orchard, or buy some at the grocery store. Then all you need are popsicle sticks and caramel sauce. Stick the popsicle stick onto the apple, then dip the apples into melted caramel and cover with either nuts, candy, chocolate chips, or anything you'd like - the more creative the better!


8. Haunted House Night-Out

Find a local haunted theme-park and get all your friends together. This is such a fun night out that you won't be able to do any other time of year. Many places offer haunted hay rides or corn mazes too.


9. Go on a Hike, or Run a 5k

This is the perfect weather for outdoor exercise because it's not too hot and not too cold. And if you can, hike a mountain, especially one where you'll be able to see some foliage at the top. Or, run a 5k. They often have haunted-themed 5ks or obstacle courses this time of year, so try one of those! 


10. Do Something You've Never Done Before

Go somewhere new, take a road trip and stop at farm stands, throw a Halloween party, visit a that lunch spot you've been meaning to try, read that book that's been sitting on the shelf. Do something you haven't done before. The air in fall is beautiful. Take the time to slow down, appreciate it, and try something new! 

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