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Everything My Best Friend Taught Me About True Friendship

October 5, 2017

I met my best friend when I was about five years old or so. Fast-forward twenty long years, and here we are. Still best friends. We have baby pictures together and countless memories that I'll always cherish. Life is a long, winding road, and we sadly often lose friends along the way. But me and my best friend have been fortunate enough to stay close through it all - the ups, the downs, the distance, and anything life throws at us.

I feel like today, so many of us have forgotten the true meaning of friendship. We have friends that are awesome, and really try their best to get together even when life gets hectic. But then there are those flaky friends, the ones who are only around when its time to party, the ones you can't really depend on, and the ones who definitely forgot what it means to be a real friend.


I'm so grateful to have my best friend throughout this crazy journey we call life. Here is everything she taught me about what it means to be a true friend:


You care even when no one else does. Even when you feel alone, you find comfort knowing your best friend is there whether it's in person or in spirit. 


No matter the distance, we still remain close and try to stay connected as much as possible.


We always support each other through life changes and career changes. 


We can be so goofy together or we can have really intense, deep conversations.

You're never afraid to tell me what I need to hear, even when it may not be exactly what I want to here. The tough love you give me is from your heart and never has an ulterior motive or selfish implications. You keep my best interest in mind.


You're tough on me sometimes, but that's only because you believe in me. 


You're not jealous or envious if new friends come along for the ride. You just get excited to meet them.


I know I can call you any time, any day, and from any where if I ever need to.


Even through disagreements or fights, we discuss our differences like adults and find a way to move on from it.


We are real with each other - no bullshit, no games.


We never judge each other, even if we don't agree on something.


We can talk about anything, from the disgustingly personal, to our thoughts on current events and anything else going on in our lives.


We make time for each other, even if that means a quick phone call to catch up. And we understand when we may just not have time in the day to make that call. 


We understand we are our own individual selves, we never hold anything over each other's head and we respect each others space and time. 


You know how to cheer me up if I'm having a bad day. Even if that means sending me 20 inspirational quotes from Instagram.


We have serious vent sessions, even if they're about the smallest things.


We are family. 




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