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I Always Said I’d Never Get Married, But Here’s Why There’s a Ring On My Finger

October 23, 2017

All I ever knew about love was the pain, lies, cheating, and manipulation that could surround it, and the ways it could turn ugly. I never truly knew what love was. And for so long, I feared it.  So, I always said I'd never get married. But - then I met the person who changed it all for me because only a real man can make a broken girl believe in forever love.  

I was never able to see the joy love can bring, I never knew of it's power, but this is how he was able to change my perception of love. 


I could feel it in my bones that he’s the one for me. A lot of people fear marriage because of this idea of forever, and being tied to that one person. And yes, the future is scary as hell. But the thing is, I realized I just don't want anyone else, and there could never be anyone else who fills me with the same amount of happiness and love as he does. We can worry about the forever-part later, taking it a day at a time together.


We talk about it all. We talk about my fears, my darkest (and sometimes ridiculous) worries because communication is key. Knowing I can turn to him and discuss anything is exactly why he's my best friend. He calms any fears I do have just by letting me talk about it, honestly, and openly. Even when it comes to the heaviest of topics, I know I can share my feelings with him with no judgement. 


Envisioning this new life with him, seriously makes me have all the feels. In my mind, I can picture our wedding, taking his last name, and beginning this new life together. It makes my heart fill with happiness. Regardless of anything that may come our way in the future, I'm so excited to start this journey together and to create endless happy memories. 


He taught me a whole new meaning to love that I had no idea even existed. His love for me shows, and it truly shines bright. I honestly cannot imagine a life without him. He is my entire world. He is selfless, patient, and kind, and I can trust him to be there for me through it all. And once I realized I couldn't live without him, that's when I knew he had changed my mind about marriage.


I began to realize what was important and what wasn't. I started to put things in perspective. Accepting how fast time flies, and how life is moving right on by made me think more about how I want my future to be - because it will be here before I know it.


I came to the conclusion that perfection is a myth. When we admit that no relationship will ever be perfect, that's when we can begin to create our own idea and definition of what perfection means to us. There will be highs and lows, but it's how we handle these things and how we grow from them that makes all the difference. 


The future can be absolutely terrifying because it's unknown, anything can happen and change at any second.  But through this crazy journey we call life, I'm ready to face it all with him - the good and the bad. 


I feel like I ended up exactly where I'm supposed to be - right by his side.

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